受験生必見! 総合型選抜(1段階:理工系 タイプ2)国際イノベーター育成オナーズプログラム向け 英語質問の例

受験生必見! 総合型選抜(1段階:理工系 タイプ2)国際イノベーター育成オナーズプログラム向け 英語質問の例


Please let us know your examination number and name.


Which is the nearest station from your home. How did you come to the university today?


Why do you want to study at Tokyo City University?


Please share with us what you know about the Global Innovator Honors program.


Do you have any favorites topics in Physics?


How do you study English? Do you have any experience studying overseas?


What kind of person do you aspire to be in future?


What is your image of a leader who transforms society and someone who is a global innovator?


At Tokyo City University, there are many opportunities for you to work in a team, take part in discussions and give presentations. How confident are you in doing these in English and being able to enjoy it?

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